Web Design: Simplicity Is The Solution

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Web Design is a science?  Web design is complicated and expensive?

Establishing a successful website, integrating design, SEO and marketing means succumbing to a “corporate behemoth” web design firm?


Nothing could be further from the truth…

 Web Design is an art.

Pleasant to the eye, subtle and sophisticated. Second, it must communicate, accurately and passionately what you are all about. Thirdly, ease of navigation is crucial. Your client/visitor must have a positive experience.  Your web design shouldn’t distract. It should tempt people to explore the rest of the site. It should entertain and educate with content, photos and video (where applicable) that’s relevant and current.


How do you attract clients? Promotion, Promotion…Promotion!!! Using Social Media (Facebook, twitter etc.) to pull potential customers to your website is a learned skill that is both effective and fun. It’s the new “word of mouth” that puts you and your business on the map. Social Media allows you to communicate directly with the customer, determining what they’re looking for and, delivering your product or service. In addition, it’s a medium that can be used for follow-up or handling customer issues.


Search engine optimization is a tricky animal.  Google, Yahoo and Bing use different criteria (that BTW, changes frequently) to rank your site on their first page. Keywords are important but, backlinks from respected websites within your industry are always

favorably treated by all search engines. Web design also plays a role.  That’s our job… to maintain the flow of qualified customers to your website.

Keep it simple…and they will come!!!


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jai warren

jai warren

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2 thoughts on “Web Design: Simplicity Is The Solution

  1. You clearly explain and simplify the categories of a website. I now have more clarity of what a website involves.

    • Judy, I like to be different. Why follow the norm…
      Thanks for visiting!!! That’s why it’s all about “basics”, this isn’t rocket science.
      As the site evolves, I’ll add more about promotion, blogging and getting customers/subscribers.

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