The Art of Design

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When design is mentioned, we immediately think of architecture, or maybe fashion, possibly automobiles or art.

But, every aspect of our lives has a personal blueprint. Building your ideal life as the blueprint specifies is much more difficult than it sounds. Design rears its’ creative “head” in nearly all we do. Interpreting the twists and turns of the blueprint is purely an individual thing. From lifestyle choices, personal tastes and style, all have the element of design. Design is always evolving… life experiences, preferences and even our dreams enter the equation. Personal design is dependent on “what works for me”. What gives us pleasure and satisfaction. What fulfills our expectations and desires.

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“A Glass Menagerie”

Using our creative talent gives a seemingly mundane life, adventure, excitement and pleasure. Isn’t that exactly what art is all about…the art of life. Recognizing reality, and creatively escaping into a world of beauty, fantasy and dreams. Concocting a game plan (blueprint). Then passionately pursuing your aspirations. I believe, that’s what drives artists to produce their masterpieces. Painting. Sculpture. Photography. Architecture. Fashion. They’re all interpretations of the individual. It’s what makes each and every one of us unique. Living well doesn’t necessarily require wealth. Sometimes simplicity coupled with a sense of purpose brings happiness and contentment.

I know it’s cliche. But, designing a successful, satisfying and blissful life takes a certain aesthetic. Knowing what your all about produces a swagger…a confidence to pull it off.

Life is Art

Design your life…

A website should be a reflection of you or your business. Taking the time to determine your personal style, preferences and expectations can make a difference in the websites success. That’s my priority and it should be yours…

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Design

  1. Very I formative….I have had a little project on the back burner for a long time and it would involve having a commerce website. I have no clue how this would all come together. Now I know I that you could consult me if this were to become a reality.

    • Thanks Judy…
      Tell me about your project, I’ll let you know what it involves. You can message me on Facebook, if you’d like.
      Be glad to help… Ciao, Jai

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