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It’s not what you think…

        Just simple straight-forward website design.

                 No political views…  

                                  No sermons…


internet web design

Art of Design


Over time, we develop unwavering beliefs of what works and what doesn’t. In website design or any other field of endeavor, these characteristics of success will never be compromised. Here are my priorities:

1) Minimalism…Simplicity

Depending on the type of website, choosing a template that expresses the personality of each client/business is important. Design should stimulate the senses, namely, sight. Making the main page attractive, employing graphics or images that welcome your visitors but also perks their desire to explore.

2) Logical organization

The homepage gives basic information or current posts. Navigating the rest of the site should be logical. Who are we? What do we offer? Whether promotional, commercial or blog-style, the website must be user friendly. You’re striving for a great web experience, prompting the visitor to return again and again.

3) Accuracy, professionalism and Lightness 

Your websites content absolutely has to be accurate and professional. After all, your reputation is on the line. But holding a customers interest is also critical. Be informational and tutorial but don’t preach or be over promotional. The conversation should be as if your speaking to a friend. Keep it light and engaging.

Having expressed my beliefs about good Web Design, here are my pet peeves:

1) Clutter and Busyness

Two words…Sensory overload.

2) Too Promotional

Ads everywhere!!!  If you’re a commercial website, selling should have its’ place but not on the homepage. Use discretion. All it does is cause confusion and chaos. Big turn-off…

3) Pirated or non-original content

Huge mistake. Not only does it seem impersonal but the search engine robots can detect it immediately. The cliche “Content is King” should be the top priority on your website. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, hiring a experienced and trusted copywriter is very important.

All things considered, these web design beliefs gives your website the optimal chance of attracting and keeping clients/subscribers/customers. It’s one third of the formula for establishing an successful internet presence.

Next: SEO – basic principles and objectives.

            Promotion- using Social Media to attract and communicate with your customers. 

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