SEO for Dummies… Like Me

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a very complicated and controversial subject. Webmasters,Laptop BW Web Designers and the major Search Engines are constantly changing their priorities concerning “How to optimize a websites search ranking”. To be frank, I’m definitely not an SEO expert. But, keeping with my philosophy of simplicity, I know what works. If your sites goal is millions of visitors per month, I’m not your man!!! If you’re looking for 1000-1500 visitors per week, I can help.

SEO experts use dozens of different techniques to achieve a #1 pagerank on the major search engines.  They’re very thorough. But, there are 3 or 4 major SEO techniques, if used correctly and with moderation that will also result in high pagerank. High pagerank results in more traffic (visitors) to your website.

(1) Creating an effective Title

(2) Proper Keyword density

(3) Relevant, original and well written Content

(4) Aggressive Internal and External Link strategy

(5) Submitting an accurate sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo Search engines

(6) Bookmarking

(7) Never, ever attempt to out-smart the search engines…play by the rules

Let’s try to make this simple. Most of these SEO techniques will be my responsibility, so I’ll provide a general understanding of each key point. All the major search engines have “robots” (bots, trolls, crawlers etc.) that roam the interwebs looking for quality webpages/ websites that they can recommend to their clients. The ones that, by their criteria, are a great match will achieve a high pagerank. If you search for let’s say ” nuts and bolts” the results appearing at the top of the page are, by that search engines qualifications, the best match. Most “searchers” don’t go past the first page. That’s why SEO is so important.

If your title effectively conveys the subject of the post, and hopefully has your keyword or phrase included, will be given a thumbs up by the bots. Keywords or keyword phrases are distributed throughout the post to keep it relevant and accurate. Webmasters say 3% saturation is optimal (500 word post=15 keyword mentions). Non-original or copied content is frowned upon by the search engines. If your not writing the post yourself, find a copywriter that’s talented and reliable. If well written, your articles will attract websites in your industry that would like to “link” to it. Think of them as “groupies” that enjoy your knowledge/opinions, and want to promote your post. If these “groupies” are industry leaders, the more “link juice'” you’ll receive from the search engines (higher pagerank). Believe me, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Also, if properly organized  all your posts can be linked internally, keeping your visitors entertained and more likely spend more time on your website ( a very good thing). The last bullet point is, IMHO, the  most important. everything in moderation!!! Think of the Search engines as the FBI or CIA. You may get away with transgressions temporarily but eventually they’ll catch you and punish you. You definitely, do not want that…

That’s it, SEO for Dummies, excuse me I’m exhausted. I need a cocktail!!!

Hopefully, that will give you an idea what SEO involves. Aren’t you glad “jai warren designs” will handle this “little” detail. I look forward to the Jai Warren Blue Tintchallenge.

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