Web Design: Aesthetics or SEO?

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Website Aesthetics?


                                                                          Both?  Mahone Hoops                                                                                           


As a web designer, my first priority is aesthetics and ease of navigation. Visitors to the website should enjoy the look and have a pleasant experience working their way around the site. Depending on the category, the website will interact with your customer/client encouraging them to stay longer and return often. Using photo galleries and slideshows look great. It’s very important to include captions with your photos. Choosing an attractive font style that’s easy to read, adds pizzazz. Is aesthetics all that matters?


What’s the point of having a beautiful website if no one sees it. That’s the role of SEO. When “interneters” use search engines to find a business or information, the website/webpage that uses “white hat” SEO techniques has a better chance of appearing higher in the results. High pagerank attracts organic traffic to your website. Having fresh relevant content adds a plus to the equation. Since search engines don’t recognize photos, be sure to include Alt tags in your media gallery. Whether your website is work of art or has a basic barebones look without SEO, the chance of being discovered are minimal.

Teamwork: Aesthetics and Effectiveness

It seems logical…  A website should have an attractive look, easy on the eyes and never busy or cluttered with ads. But, there is a compromise. Following “white hat” SEO techniques shouldn’t distract from the aesthetics of the website. These guidelines coupled with a strong social media campaign and link building will produce organic search engine traffic and a loyal customer/client base. Jai Warren Blue Tint

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