Being Social Like the Pros

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Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Linkedin are fabulous mediums to interact with friends and business associates. But, to maximize your potential certain principles should be observed. These may seem like no web designbrainers, but sometimes we lose our focus. Especially for business, its paramount to reach as many of your target customers as possible effectively without becoming a pest.

(1) Use proper etiquette

Each Social Media site has protocol. Granted, this knowledge comes with experience and experimentation. Put simply, follow these courtesies whenever posting to a specific social website. That sounds too serious…it’s OK to have fun! In fact, being tastefully funny is the #1 way to get engagement. But avoid being crude, rude or demeaning. Being social ultimately means sharing. Developing virtual relationships in a sense. It’s all about communicating opinions, feelings and information that are important to you and your audience. Do it with style.

***Note: Using hashtags # or @ on Facebook just confuses people. Tagging people on Facebook is easier anyway…

(2) Know your audiences

 Social Media: It’s All About Timing

This bullet point can be confusing especially in a business sense. You hopefully have found what your customers/clients are interested in  and why they rely on your business to provide it’s product or service. Social media is about not only enhancing existing relationships but, developing new ones. Be absolutely certain to post all  necessary information they would need to become familiar with your business or person. Complete your profile as thoroughly as you’re comfortable with. And by all means, provide a real  picture of yourself or a professional looking logo.  Essentials include: how to contact you (I know, no brainer right, but so many people don’t or hide it so people can’t find it easily), your web address and any links to your other Social media sites

Post consistently to all your Social Media platforms to keep them looking fresh. If at all possible, try to connect Social Media sites together. For instance, Facebook with twitter. But each medium has it uniqueness. Don’t just re-post a Facebook status on twitter because usually it doesn’t fit in 140 characters. Use the same information in a tweet format. Duplicate posting just creates more exposure for your business or brand.

 As a business, social media gives you the opportunity to promote, basically, free of charge. The goal with every update is to reach as many potential  clients as possible (you should be shooting for a share, a retweet, a like or a +1…think quality not quantity).

(3) Please, Please, Please don’t be a Spammer

Use restraint! There’s nothing worse than annoying your friends and customers with the same information twenty times a day. Promote, but don’t be obnoxious…

I’m of the opinion that if the information you post is useful or entertaining, there isn’t a daily limit.

It’s a proven fact that these platforms can drive your business or personal brand. Use them like the Pros…