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First and foremost, I’m a designer.


jai warren

Having developed an intuitive feel for style and beauty with an instinctual knowledge of efficiency and effectiveness, my web designs are simplistic and minimal. But, they’re attractive and eye-catching. I honed these skills learning from master designers and CAD specialists. My 29 years in the Jewelry industry evolved my passion for design. Being involved in the web design process taught me that the most important component is collaboration. Establishing an understanding between client and designer can make or break a project. The initial consultation, determining priorities, preferences and the clients personal sense of style is crucial. Once these design elements are in place, I believe constant communication is the key.

Internet Web Design is all about envisioning and executing the true personality of the business/person. And, then accurately telling who they are. What they do. And, why you should choose their services. I believe simple, attractive websites are very user friendly. And, exactly what Google likes to see.

Promoting your website, not only to the general public (Social Media, Email Newsletters, Word of mouth etc.) but to search engines (SEO) is a learned knowledge. Everyone has their own concepts. Again, being a minimalist, I believe over promoting does more harm that good. I’ll teach you the in’s and out’s of  Social Media Marketing. Done correctly, it allows a business to directly communicate with their customers. It’s extremely hands’ on and can be fun…

Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of timeliness and professionalism. Quality and reliability go hand in hand. The initial design consultation is always free of charge. No job is too big or too small!!!

Please call for an appointment at 972. 741. 7479 

Time/Place are at your convenience


Email at basicsbyjaiwarren@gmail.com




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