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Why the Donations Widget?


This is unusual… a donation button on web design website? The reasons are three fold:

(1) If you appreciate and use the advice on “basics” by jai warren but, aren’t in need of a website or web designer, a small donation will help subsidize the cost of this site.

(2) To continue to charge extremely affordable prices for the quality and reliability of “basics”  by jai warren websites, SEO , Social Media Consulting services, small donations are greatly appreciated.

   (3) And, the most important reason, I’m a heart attack survivor, 30 per cent of all donations will be given to the American Heart Association. With research and education, the AHA is  continuing to fight the most lethal killer in the world… heart disease. 

I’m alive today because of the exceptional treatment of medical professionals (cardiology) at Parkland Hospital and Baylor University Medical Center. My gratitude isn’t enough, it’s time to give back. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

To Donate To AHA (see below)

Thank You,


Jai Warren